About AF5 Design & Print

A famous five design is a family run business with over forty years of Screen Printing.

A.F.5 Design & Print ltd. was inspired and created in memory of our mother who sadly lost her battle with cancer late last year.

The ethos of this company is about family collaboration and giving back to St Catherine\’s, a charity which supports and enables individuals to remain independent and gives them choices to be cared for comfortably how they wish in their last days of their lives. 

The name of this company is how our mum referred to us – The Famous Five  – But obviously we are unable to use that specific name so we chose A.F.5.

The A.F.5 Design & Print ltd. logo design is a family tree. The strong grounded roots are symbolic of our mum and the branches coming off represent our different individualities and passions that are brought into this business.

The lilac blossoms represent our mums favourite colour and the butterfly flying around us was our mums last words to us that she will always be floating around us like butterflies. 

We as a family are taking this tragic experience and creating a positive future for our family as our mum always did. With this in mind we decided that ten percent of all money earned will be given to St Catherine\’s hospice or a chosen charity that is close to the hearts of our customers.

As the business grows we know this will give back to charity to support other families as we had been supported.

All potential customers will have the knowledge that by buying our products, they are also a part of supporting this charity and a cause bigger than just buying a garment. 

We invite customers to bring their own ideas of the products they would like to see being produced.

Our father is an experienced screen printer with over 40 years experience and our mum regularly worked alongside and supported our dads passion in this field.

Our Father and Screen Printer is joined by his four daughters in this venture to inspire others and carry on mums wishes and memory, to create a better future for others.

Our designs and products will be diverse from baby and children\’s wear, Christian apparel, hen/stag and party events, celebrations such as weddings and Christmas and unique designs tailored to the customers requirements.

Products will be in the form of clothing, mugs, bags etc. 

af5 design and print Scarborough logo