Our family business A.F.5 Design & Print LTD came together after the loss of our mum in December 2017, mum was diagnosed with urethral cancer in 2016 after many investigations. In August of 2017 mum was given just 12 months to live, it was at this point we as a family decided to get in touch with Macmillan via our doctors for more information and help. During this time we were assigned a lovely palliative care coordinator from Saint Catherine’s Hospice who came and helped us with a variety of different things related to mum and her illness. Then in September 2017 the pain became unbearable for mum and intervention was needed, it was at this point that our family had first contact with Saint Catherine’s Hospice at home team.  They worked incredibly hard at this point together with consultants from the hospice and all nurses to get our mum’s pain under control, which thankfully they did.

Mum was given a choice around this time as to whether she would want to go into the hospice or remain at home, Mum’s wishes was that she remain at home in her home surroundings keeping it as normal as possible. This last choice for mum was made possible due to the hard work of the hospice at home team and Marie curie team working with our family to ensure mum received the care she needed and also we was given the emotional support we needed.

The support we received as a family from Saint Catherine’s hospice and the hospice at home team was invaluable, the kindness, the support both physically and emotionally, the around the clock care, these people played a huge part during this very difficult time to make it more bearable for us to cope. The help we received from all members of Saint Catherine’s Hospice was vitally important to us as a family and really encouraged us and supported us through this terribly difficult time, we are so very thankful for this excellent service and we want to ensure that is always available for others.

This is the reason we have created a business that will support the amazing works that Saint Catherine’s Hospice offers to the local community, our heart is that we hope other families having to go through this or similar experience will always have the choice to remain at home with their loved ones if that is what they want in their last moments of life, ultimately this ended up being the only choice left for our mum to make for herself and this was hugely important to her and us during that difficult time and was fully supported and facilitated by Saint Catherine’s Hospice. Our hope is that in giving 10% from everything that we sell, we will play a part in helping Saint Catherine’s Hospice achieve their goals of providing excellent care for patients during end of life.

Saint Catherines Charity reg number: 284701